EXTRA is a revolutionary database and reporting application designed to streamline and improve the analysis and interpretation of the exercise test. The premier diagnostic and prognostic tool for exercise ECG and exercise Cardiopulmonary Testing, EXTRA takes a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to exercise test interpretation that improves patient care and saves significant time and resources at the same time. With EXTRA, practical experience, published research and standards, and technological advancements are all brought together in an easy-to-use web-based tool.

Exercise Testing: The Fact
The Exercise Test has a long history in cardiovascular medicine, and it is an invaluable diagnostic tool. But its true value is achieved only after the test itself has been conducted – when the results are interpreted based upon scientific, clinical and prognostic studies. In order to determine and recommend the most accurate patient intervention and management approach, diagnostic and prognostic scores as well as probability estimates for risk stratification need to be more fully utilized. EXTRA can help.

A Standard You Can Trust
Conceived and authored by Dr. Victor Froelicher, MD, FACC, and Dr. Jonathan Myers, PhD, FACC, two of the world’s leading experts in Exercise ECG and Cardiopulmonary Testing, EXTRA’s new standards are unmatched by any other diagnostic reporting tool. In developing EXTRA, Froelicher and Myers followed ACC/AHC and ACSM industry guidelines – in fact, they were instrumental in defining and writing significant portions of the guidelines – and their experience provides EXTRA with a unique and unmatched status in the Exercise Testing field.
Invaluable Asset for your Practice and your Patients

EXTRA’s value is immeasurable in healthcare delivery:
• Improved efficiency with fast, intuitive system
• Increased interpretive accuracy
• Ability to attract/maintain patient base with less outsourcing
• Enhanced user knowledge and proficiency
• Proven accuracy of non-invasive exercise testing
• Access to nationwide network of approved overreaders

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